Clients/ Companies that are been tied up using Maharojgar and their functions

Maharojgar registration is currently a Consulting Company that provide job chances to all the educated jobless youth from the rural section of Maharashtra. They’re a major function (talented and experience) supply company which found from the year of 2011 together with the vision to provide maximum employment opportunities for youths living in rural areas in addition to urbanareas

They provide the very finest Job Inspection with the educated youth’s shortly after their Experts, Graduation as well as in virtually any degree courses or businesses. They also provide the best solutions at very affordable prices. Maharojgar are tied upward using both Govt. And Personal Sector which means they also supply employment chances in both the Private and Government sector. So far they are serving more than 800 clients across Maharashtra either in Private and Govt. Sector. And all the businesses tied-up to Maharojgar are registered along with actual firms which the personnel have zero location to be suspicious for. Some of the couple customers are Gansons Ltd, Gansons Engineers Pvt Ltd..

Enforcement Business, Fireplace Automation and Engineering LLP, Truetech Eyesight Marketplace Pvt Ltd, MSETCL, Maharashtra State Rural Livelihood Mission etc Some of the Firm’s roles are Registration and Keeping of People Looking for Work, SMS Inform for eligible People Looking for Work, Registration of Job Companies, Work Industry Facts, Occupational Details, Vocation Assistance and Counseling, Skill Growth etc.. And also to supply support and assistance to professional services provider and service seeker in unorganized business and special employment & self control direction centers for differently-able men.

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