Kim Dao, a famous vlogger, and fashion enthusiast

Kim Dao is a famed YouTuber and fashion enthusiast. She’s popularly known for her taste in fashion brands and goods. Therefore, she’s good contact with the famous fashion brand throughout the globe. Her trip as a fulltime YouTuber started from transforming her fun side project to a fulltime profession. Through her ambitions and dedication, she began to get a station and blog to get in contact with her fans and follower. As such, since 2011 she has been operating with Amore Pacific, Liz Lisa, Etude home and much more.

At the initial stage of managing a blog post, Kim Dao had hardly any followers. Maybe, she had a very sizeable number of fans and followers. Therefore, some enthusiasts in vogue enthusiast suggested for a more common platform to get in contact with her. Ever since then, she started to start her trip with a YouTube station. Moreover, the video supplementation for her blog adds her up fame. Ever since the debut of her video-centric supplementation, she has started to do both vlogging in addition to blogging.

By using her popularity and acceptance from her followers, she is collaborating with many giant businesses. These giant businesses are paying for her advertising purposes, which then receive the order for buying the product. Kim Dao monetizes her earnings through transparent ways out of her own followers. As a popular face in fashion and cosmetics products, she has a legitimate understanding of many fashion industries to make her financial income. Moreover, the YouTube ad from her station also creates a good share of revenue generation.

Since Kim Dao believes in fashion, travel, and cosmetics, her main source of the goal is in these industries. Her crowd comes largely in these three sectors and sections of people. However, her social media accounts, blog, and Youtube station have people from extensive interests and like.

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